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Hygienic wall cladding systems

Professional PVC wall cladding sheets, trims and more 

For environments that demand hygiene and all-round protection, our professional PVC wall cladding systems are used throughout healthcare, mental health, leisure and commercial spaces.

The complete system includes colour matched trims, weld rod, adhesive and silicone.

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Trovex wall cladding is resistant to cracking and splitting. It provides excellent protection against abrasion to maintain a hygienic surface that is easy to clean.

Easy to clean


The smooth continuous surface is stain-resistant and easy to clean. It has great chemical resistance and can be cleaned with typical non-abrasive cleaning products.


20-year warranty

A 20-year warranty is offered across our range of wall cladding systems including full-coverage adhesives.

Water resistant


Non-absorbent properties of Trovex wall cladding provides a water-resistant barrier to any substrate.



Trovex wall cladding systems have been formulated to have long-lasting colour brilliance minimising any fading or staining.


Next day delivery

All of our wall cladding sheets, trim, sealants, weld rods and more are fully stocked in our UK warehouse ready for next day delivery or a pre-arranged delivery direct to site.

Wall cladding warehouse

Stocked and ready to dispatch

Thousands of Trovex wall cladding sheets, adhesive, colour matched trims and sealants are held in stock at our Norfolk warehouse for same-day dispatch. 

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