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Fire-rated hygienic PVC wrapped door set

Hygidoor, used throughout the NHS, is a highly configurable PVC wrapped fire-rated door and frame, that is quick to install and is designed to ensure infection control requirements are met.

Hygidoor is supplied with ironmongery.

Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK by Trovex

Trovex Hygidoor double
Award winning and noteworthy applications of Hygidoor:

Why choose Hygidoor?

Infection prevention

Infection prevention

Wrapped in hygienic PVC and featuring flush vision panels Hygidoor simplifies the demands on the cleaning staff to maintain cleanliness.

Fire-rated doorset


Fire-safety is a critical consideration within any building. Hygidoor is available as a FD30 or FD60 fire-rated door.

Colours and finishes

Hygienic PVC finishes

Available in 50+ colours and finishes you'll be able to use Hygidoor to enhance the appearance of your project.

Strong and robust


Starting with the severe duty core, Hygidoor has been engineered with the demands of high traffic constant use and impact in mind.

Fast installation

Quick installation

Delivered to site in as little as 11-components the Hygidoor goal post frame and architrave system is quick and simple to install.

Quick lead times

Fast lead times

Hygidoor lead times are industry leading and continue to improve with continual investment in our multiple manufacturing facilities.

Infection prevention

Hygidoor has been designed to meet the rigorous requirements of infection control.
Trovex Hygidoor wrapped in hygienic PVC with near seamless joins

Hygienic PVC

Wrapped in hardwearing and hygienic PVC which can differ on door, frame and leading edge.

Trovex Hygidoor flush vision panel

Flush vision panels

Triple glazed vision panels are set flush enhancing impact protection and ease of cleaning.

Trovex Hygidoor thermoformed edges

Thermoformed edges

Door edges are thermoformed with the same hygienic PVC to increase robustness.

Fast installation

Delivered to site in as little as 11 components, pre-mitred and manufactured to size.
Hygidoor door opening
Hygidoor frame goal post design
Secure Hygidoor frame to the opening
Hygidoor install the door stop cover
Securing Hygidoor architrave
Hygidoor install the door stop cover
Install ironmongery onto Hygidoor
Hygidoor installation complete

Fire-rated door sets

3rd party fire-certification as FD30 and FD60

Trovex Hygidoor fire-rated to FD60

At the heart of every Hygidoor is a robust graduated density particleboard that has been subjected to rigorous fire testing.

Hygidoor vision panels are triple glazed with a fire-resistant glass centre. This means even if the external vision panels are damaged fire integrity is retained and the door does not need immediate replacement.

Three door sizes

A door size for every room and corridor

Trovex Hygidoor single door illustration

The most common door type, available on short lead times, single doors provide the perfect solution to everyday requirements.

Trovex Hygidoor leaf-and-a-half door illustration

In areas where extra opening width is only an occasional need, leaf-and-a-half door sets give the additional width when needed.

Trovex Hygidoor double door illustration

Ideal for corridors and common areas, double doors offer the widest opening width for equipment such as beds to pass through.


How can we help?

Grab a coffee, and meet with us on Teams

When meeting in person is not convenient, arrange a video Teams or Zoom call with us and we will host you remotely from our product showroom where we have a Hygidoor installed alongside our Hygipod MSU and Hygipod IPS products.

Innovation Centre Adrian W talking about Hygipod integrated plumbing system

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