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Hygipod Vent

Low-level ventilation system

Hygipod Vent, a modular ventilation unit pre-assembled to meet specific configurations for rapid onsite installation. Fully compliant with HTM 03-01 Part A regulations, it offers seamless integration, superior infection control, and compatibility with the Hygipod MSU.

Tailored to the unique needs of various wards, it provides configurable air change rates, acoustic protection, and can be easily removed if ward layouts change. Hygipod Vent enhances healthcare spaces with a quick, consistent, and compliant ventilation solution.

Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK by Trovex

Hygipod Vent front side and back

Why choose Hygipod Vent?

Infection prevention

Infection prevention

An enhanced infection prevention option vs. conventional ventilation housing, Hygipod Vent is simple to clean with minimal joins.

Highly configurable MSU

One product family

Combine Hygipod Vent with our wider product range to create the ultimate hygienic finish in ward interiors for enhanced safety.

Colours and finishes

Hygienic PVC finishes

Available in 45+ colours and finishes you'll be able to use Hygipod Vent to enhance the appearance of your project.


Modern platform

Designed for the modern hospital where staff / patient wellbeing and safety is paramount.

Fast installation

Quick installation

Based off the Hygipod platform, installation is quick thanks to prefabrication and simple bracket mounting systems.

Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance

Available with optional hinged or removable doors for installation and maintenance access when installed as standalone unit.

Ventilation and bed head trunking combined

The combination of the Hygipod MSU with the Hygipod Vent offers a seamless solution to consolidate critical bedside services with advanced ventilation systems, optimising space and functionality in patient care environments.

The Hygipod MSU, a modular and highly configurable bed head trunking system, is designed to expedite ward construction while delivering essential bed head supplies, contributing to the wellbeing of both patients and staff.

When paired with the Hygipod Vent, which is tailored to project-specific requirements, the setup ensures efficient airflow management. An angled grill in the Hygipod Vent design reduces the likelihood of airflow blockage, maintaining optimal environmental conditions without compromising the effectiveness of bedside service delivery. This combination not only ensures a high standard of infection control but also enhances the overall aesthetic and functional quality of the ward, making it a preferable choice for modern healthcare facilities aiming for top-tier patient care and staff efficiency.

Hygipod MSU with vent on white bg


How can we help?

Grab a coffee, and meet with us on Teams

When meeting in person is not convenient, arrange a video Teams or Zoom call with us and we will host you remotely from our product showroom where we have a Hygipod MSU installed alongside our Hygidoor and Hygipod IPS products.

Innovation Centre Adrian W talking about Hygipod integrated plumbing system

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