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Hygipod MSU

Vertical bed head trunking, medical supply unit

A modular and highly configurable modern bed head trunking designed to speed-up ward construction, deliver bed head supplies, and contribute to the enhanced wellbeing of patients and staff.

Hygipod Medical Supply Unit (MSU) has evolved from the widely specified Hygipod IPS platform, utilising several design and manufacturing innovations.

Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK by Trovex

Vertical bed head trunking - Hygipod MSU

Why choose Hygipod MSU?

Infection prevention

Infection prevention

An enhanced infection prevention option vs. conventional bed head trunking, Hygipod MSU is simple to clean with minimal joins.

Highly configurable MSU

Highly configurable

One platform, hundreds of possibilities to meet the care requirements of patients in different ward environments.

Colours and finishes

Hygienic PVC finishes

Available in 45+ colours and finishes you'll be able to use Hygipod MSU to enhance the appearance of your project.


Modern platform

Designed for the modern hospital where staff / patient wellbeing and safety is paramount.

Fast installation

Quick installation

Based off the Hygipod platform, installation is quick thanks to prefabrication and simple bracket mounting systems.

Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance

With hinged lockable doors in place of traditional drop in panels, it is straight forward to access, test and maintain supplies.

Three variants

Vertical bed head trunking from Trovex Hygipod MSU
1. Wall mounted 275 mm AFFL

The most popular variant of the Hygipod MSU, this vertical bed head trunking system is mounted to the wall 275 mm above the finished floor level using a straightforward to install bracket system. The unit runs through the ceiling tiles where services can be connected.

2. Plinth / wall mounted 

Similar to the Hygipod IPS, the Hygipod MSU can be installed 100 mm AFFL on a plinth system. Vinyl flooring continues up and surrounds the plinth, with the Hygipod MSU overlapping the vinyl minimising ledges and joins.

3. Wall mounted w/ Hygipod Vent

Consolidating ventilation with bed side services is made possible when Hygipod MSU is combined with Hygipod Vent. An angled grill reduces the chance of blocked airflow. Hygipod Vent is designed based on project requirements and the image is illustrative only.

Infection prevention

Hygipod MSU hygienic design features
Hygipod MSU is optimised to aid infection prevention.

Hygipod MSU features a number of hygiene optimised design features, which include:

1. Smooth hygienic Trovex PVC exterior available in over 45 colours and finishes

2. Thermoformed corners / edges eliminate joins for a continuous finish

3. Snug overlapping hinged access doors / panels minimise joins

4. Flush fitting ports and sockets minimises ledges for simpler cleaning

To reduce the spread of pathogens, Hygipod MSU is available as a vertical bed head trunking system exclusively. Conventional horizontal bed head trunking provides ample space for germs to linger and be easily transferred to patients, staff, and other surfaces through contact or disturbance.

Robust and safe

Hygipod MSU is constructed from Hygiboard, an innovative combination of materials that enables the safe encapsulation of bed side services and secure attachment of accessories such as rails, lights and screens.

Inside Hygipod MSU you will find a number of ducts for the safe compartmentalisation of power, data and accessories featured on the bed head trunking system. 

Access is through hinged doors that are secured with anti-pick locks. Gas ports are on a removable panel to enable servicing.

Hygipod MSU cable routing


How can we help?

Grab a coffee, and meet with us on Teams

When meeting in person is not convenient, arrange a video Teams or Zoom call with us and we will host you remotely from our product showroom where we have a Hygipod MSU installed alongside our Hygidoor and Hygipod IPS products.

Innovation Centre Adrian W talking about Hygipod integrated plumbing system

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