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Hygidoor fire compliance

Hygidoor has been developed to meet the rigorous requirements of fire compliance. We work with a number of partners and conduct primary testing and regular audits to verify Hygidoor performs to the required FD30 / FD60 standards.

Our partners include:

Warrington Fire, IFC, Bluesky certification and UKTC

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Doors in position before testing
Doors in position before testing
Primary testing

Our dedicated R&D team are experienced at designing category leading systems including the Trovex Hygidoor. Hygidoor is designed to meet the rigorous demands of the environments they operate within, and fire-safety is a fundamental consideration. The R&D team have a thorough primary testing regime and work with partners across the UK to ensure compliance.

Primary fire door testing focuses on the specific configuration of Hygidoor components, and our manufacturing team ensure Hygidoor variants produced replicate tested performance.

Hygidoor is installed to real-world standards and then tested to the ultimate point of destruction.

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Manufactured in the UK

Our manufacturing team are dedicated to our three core values of reliability, competence and care. They are focused on manufacturing category leading systems that meet stringent quality control standards and align with fire certification.

The complete range of Trovex systems are manufactured in-house in our state-of-the-art production facilities.

We are audited by IFC annually to verify our manufacturing and management processes deliver consistency.

David Davis and Kelvin on Hygidoor production line_web
Trovex Hygidoor Product Line 3
Continued investment

As a manufacturer we succeed through our continued investment in our people, processes, facilities and technology. From the implementation of advance scheduling software to robotics and advanced CNC machine tools our skilled people are empowered to deliver reliably robust and hygienic products every day.

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